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PHOTO GALLERY Ministry Moments Below you will also find the publication “Ministry Moment” which also includes special photos quarterly
Our 2nd oldest Grandchild Natalie Brooke
THE FAMILY THE FAMILY HOME HOME Memorial Day May 2015, Minnesota 4 Generation Photo Ron, Dave, Kevin and Daniel Sommerdorf
“Ministry Moment” published by Dave Sommerdorf, is posted here for your viewing. You may download in .PDF format from the link below as well. Brochures will be updated as they are published.
This Bible camp is nestled in the mountains overlooking Denver, CO. A ministry of First Baptist Church, Pastor Clifton Mizer, Silver State Baptist Youth Camp was the vision of Dr. Harvey Springer and came into existence in 1946. For over 70 years SSBYC has been a place for young men, women, children and families to hear the truth of God's word in a beautiful, isolated setting away from the distractions of the world. Since its inception Silver State has influenced the lives of literally thousands of young people and adults with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God's Word truly changes lives as evidenced by those who have been convicted by the preaching and responded. Every activity, every class, every counselorcamper interaction has been in preparation for the time when God's Word is preached. As a result, thousands have made professions of faith, many have surrendered to full time Christian service and countless others have
dedicated their lives to Christ. The influence of Silver State can be felt literally around the world. Those who have made decisions to follow the Lord at the campground can be found on every continent. It was an honor and privilege to be a part of this unique camp as a guest speaker from July 17th- 21st, and to watch the Lord work in the lives of the young people and adults that attended. We saw many professions of faith and a number of decisions to surrender to full-time service and ministry for the Lord. Collectively, throughout the 8 weeks that the camp ran this summer, Camp Director Jimmy Carter reported over 75 professions of faith and 28 surrenders, some of which were for ministry and missions! Praise the Lord! Please pray for this unique camp and ministry, and maybe even consider scheduling your youth department to attend one week next summer. For more info, visit