Should you desire to have our family visit your church, please contact us at: 512-626-0445 (cell) email: write to: Sommerdorf Evangelistic Ministries PO Box 873368 Wasilla, AK 99687
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Updated: 10/01/2017
Sommerdorf Evangelistic Ministries Dear Pastor and church family, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce my family to you, as well as the ministry that we have sensed the Lord leading us to fulfill. I am a  1983 graduate of Bible Baptist Church Schools in Oak Harbor, Washington, with  a completed three year course in Theology. I believe the K.J.V. of the Bible to be God's word for English speaking people, and the local church God's way to mature the saint. Having served as a pastor and asst. pastor, as well as a Christian school supervisor, I have a great appreciation for the dedication and faithful service that a man of God puts forth as a servant of the Lord. Additionally, I realize the invaluable asset good families are to the local assembly, and as such have realized that the home is under attack in America today as never before. It is upon this concern that my family and I are extending our service into the field of evangelism, with an emphasis upon the Christian Home, and the need to strengthen families in our local churches. We have added a new tool to our ministry, meant to engage the unredeemed and open doors of opportunity to hear the gospel. The Military Vette is a 1992 Corvette convertible, digitally wrapped to not only catch the publics attention, but to also honor our troops, memorialize the victims of September 11th, and remind Americans of our Nation's Godly Heritage. This tool travels with us wherever we go and adds an additional dimension to out ministry. Our home church is Trinity Baptist Church in Austin, Texas. Pastored by Pastor Dusty Brian. My wife, Debra and I have six children and seven grandchildren.