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Sommerdorf Evangelistic Ministries
BIBLE SERIES Dear Pastor, In an effort to be of assistance to you and your church while we are with you, I have listed below the following series that I have preached, and a brief description of their content and focus. Should you desire to have, as the focus, one of these series, please let me know. In the case that you sense the Lord leading toward another topic or area of need, please don't hesitate to communicate this to me, and I will endeavor to fulfill your wishes as pastor. Ephesians: A Book of Contrasts...Expository Study of Ephesians, dealing with the church, home, Jew & Gentile, salvation, etc. Nehemiah: Return and Restoration...Various series, including 'The Gates of God' which emphasizes each necessary aspect of the Christian walk. "Our Rock Is Not As Their Rock"...A study on the mechanics, misuse and ministry of music. Deals with C.C.M. and its dangers. Revelation: "The King Is Coming"...Expository series on the book of Revelation. Christ exalting and evangelistic. "Raising Godly Children"...Three messages concerning raising godly children, including 'The Three R's of Child-Rearing'. The Home: Numerous series dealing with all aspects of the Christian home, including the biblical responsibilities for each member. Psalm 127 Galatians: "The Fruit of the Spirit" series. (Gal. 5:13-26) Stewardship Series: Addresses the various areas of stewardship in the Christian Life. (Treasure, Talents, Time & Testimony) Soul winning Series: A focus on the responsibility of every believer to be soul conscious and personally involved in extending the gospel to the lost. "Defining Moments In David's Life"...Key decisions in David's life that defined his character Practical and powerful. "God's Unusual Ministers"...A series dealing with the strange messengers God sends our way to mature us in our Christian walk. (example: the minister of 'betrayal') A unique and thought provoking series that encourages growth. The "Remembrance" Series...Evangelistic and thought provoking, a series of messages with salvation, forgiveness and sanctification as central themes. The "Foundations" Series...Another series on the home. Practical. The "Promise Keeper" Series...A series on the foundational covenants that God has made with mankind, and how they affect us today. "Biblical Submission To Government"...Scriptural guidelines concerning a Christian's relationship to government authority. The "Friendship" Series...Encourages the saint to consider the meaning of true friendship toward mankind as well as to his/her God and Savior. Again, each of these is a series of messages that I can tailor make to fit the scheduled number of days that we are with you and your people. I am also working on other topics and texts to exposit, and have no problem seeking out and preparing a series of messages to assist in whatever area you as the pastor perceive to be needed for the flock. In any way that we can be a blessing and encouragement to you, please don't hesitate to let us know. All because of Him, Bro. Dave Sommerdorf and family II Timothy 4:1-5
II Corinthians 4:5 - For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord; and ourselves your servants for Jesus' sake.